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To start with, let’s talk about what the splitter does. A Front splitter is used to create down-force (or reduce life). The overall goal is to create a low pressure zone underneath the car while creating a high pressure above the car thus creating down-force which then translates into grip.

What we’ll be using is 1/4in thick corrugated alumilite.

Before we cut up some alumilite, we used some cardboard to make up a template.

Cutting a template for the front splitter.

Cutting out the template.

All cut out. I plan on having the front splitter extend just a few inches past the front axles. I will be cutting out some louvers to help get rid of engine bay heat.


Test mounted:


Next in Part2, we’ll cut some alumilite, and mount it up and add some support braces.  Stay tuned….

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    • Raijin
    • Posted June 29, 2012 at 10:42 am
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    I was just curious if you have videos of your run at the MAP event from last weekend? I was amazed when I saw the results, that is a really fast time. Thanks!


    • Sorry no. I did try to get some video of one of my sessions but ended up coming back in because of dirt all over the track. Only footage I got was of a warmup lap.

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