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Well, first (real) event with the Evo and all of the changes. Lots to learn, and some time to shave off.

The weekend was looking to be a stressful one. Left work Friday as soon as I could, got home, loaded up, and headed to BHF for Midwestern Council’s first HSAX event of the year. I was also head of Timing & Scoring, and the first event of doing so which really put the pressure on me. Thankfully I’ve got some good friends (and sister) that helped out and I really owe it to them.

Night before prep: really easy, unload car, install bumper/splitter, go through tech, done. Good night (but not before some BWW’s!)

Next morning: Wake up, go setup timing, enter entries into computer.

Practice session 1: 1st lap was driving on ice, 2nd lap blew an I/C pipe. Day wasn’t looking too bright. Pulled into puts, found the blown I/C pipe, had to remove bumper/splitter, sliced my nose on a bolt losing about a cup of blood. No blood, no glory, fixed it and good to go.

Practice session 2: No problems, but at this point i realized how scary this car can be. Back end was stepping out and lots of sidewayness. It took 2 full laps to get the tires warmed up. This is a problem when we do a standing start. I decided that a big nasty AWD burnout through the start will be needed- No problem!

Timed Runs:  I stared in the 1:20’s and got faster almost every single run, shaving off a full second with every run.  The car ran flawless the rest of the day.  I eventually got down to a 1:16.15 for my best time of the day.  I hope to get faster, and with some car changes and more seat time in this car, I feel I can get about 2 seconds faster.  Besides my driving, I plan to switch to my C91’s and fix my trans issue (cant downshift into 3rd).  Next event is planned for May 28th which is followed by a lapping day on the 26th.  This should be perfect, track will be fresh in my head.

Full Results:

In-Car Video:


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