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SCCA event #3 and #4, aka the CenDiv’s. The weekend started out great, well almost….. 1st run out and we (Andy and Eric) knew something wasn’t right. Blown shock. Jump on the driver’s front, car didn’t move much, do that to the other side and the car bounced like a 1980 Cadillac.  We called every single place we could think of, nothing in stock anywhere.  So, the only thing left we could think of, is to drive faster!   We finished the weekend with a 1/3 finish in class, and 13th/28th overall out of 177 total entries.

Shane in his 2005 Subaru STi had some problems of his own.  The ABS started acting up for unknown reasons.  If you know STi’s very well, you know that when the ABS doesn’t work, neither does the DCCD system.  So Shane had to drive his ass off with a half-ass working AWD system and no ABS.  He took 5th in class and 64th/177 overall.

Class Results:,%20Class.htm#A

Overall Results:,%20PAX.htm

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