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Noah aka “Mr Crazy” at MVP Track Time’s HPDE @ Road America


5am is way to early.  I’m not a morning person.  But considering I get to hustle my butt, downhill, at 140mph, into a sharp left hand corner time and time again, losing a few hours of sleep is well worth it.

Getting to the track early to go thru tech inspection you drive past row after row of race prepped Vipers, Z06s, and Porsche GT3 RSs.  Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.  Mid 80s temps with sunny sky.

Started the day out feeling out the track and the car and dialing in the tire pressure and as the track temps rose the tires offered more and more grip.   Really surprised at the amount of grip the skinner 275 wide NT01s on the rear offered.  Felt just as good at the 305 wide Nittos I had run before.  I was pulling faster and faster laps as the day progressed and there isn’t a greater feeling than passing up C6 Z06s and Ferrari 430 Scuderias. Fastest recorded lap time put in at 2:45.  Not bad for a stock C5 FRC. It was a great time walking around and talking to other drivers about their cars and their driving lines and styles.



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