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Haven’t made a post since the Central Divisional event back in early July. Here is a short version of what we’ve been up to.

To start, We ditched the front Koni shocks. We replaced the blown one from CenDiv, and with only 2000 miles on the new one, its already making some loud clunking and leaking fluid at the adjuster. We also played around with a bigger front sway bar. It made the car push even more, so we went back to the rear 22mm bar. It feels much more balanced and allows for a much more neutral alignment (zero toe).

Results from Events 5, 6, & 7:,%20Pax.pdf,%20rev%208-16-12,%20PAX.htm,%20final%20results,pax.htm

We struggled in event 5.  Our excuse was the course just didn’t fit the WRX and found ourselves below the power band in 2nd gear throughout most of the course.  Event 6, Eric got really fast, and event 7, we got lucky enough to get some dry runs in.  We used the rest of the day to test out our rain tires (RE11’s) and came to the conclusion that we need to find some starspecs instead.  We were way off pace in the wet compared to everyone else.

Time to watch some videos:

Andy driving in the wet at event #7:

Eric’s dry run of event #7

About 1 week away we leave for the 2012 SCCA Solo Nationals in Lincoln NE.  Wish us luck!

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