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It’s been a while since the evo has seen the track, and now running a smaller (Stock IX) turbo, it was ready to stretch its legs.

We arrived at Road America early Saturday morning beating the sunrise. It was a very brisk and cold morning. Unloaded the car and setup camp. Eric took the car through tech as I (Andy) had to attend the driver’s meeting.

TT was the first session to go out. I started on my Hankook C51’s for the first session to give everything a good shakedown. It took a good 2-3 laps before the tires had any kind of grip. The car was very hard to control and wanted to oversteer a lot. By the time the tires got warm, there was simply too much traffic and I couldn’t get a good clean lap. I did somehow pull off a decent enough lap time to secure a 2nd place spot on grid behind a fast vette. If you’ve never done a TT event before, getting a good spot leads to more open track in the next sessions. This is more important that you may think.

Session 1: This session went pretty well. I put on the Hoosier R6’s which were a night and day difference from the slippery C51’s. After a few laps i notice the car was feeling down on power, and I could hear an exhaust leak that would follow when I got into boost. Turned out to be the exhaust gasket between the manifold and turbo blew out. I still was able to turn a 2:29 lap with a lot more to gain. I pulled in and the whole pit crew was successfully able to pull the manifold off and replace the half missing gasket. Good to go!

Session 2: This session went great, and I was able to turn a 2:25.066 beating the track record of 2:25.9, but no more than a lap later, the national winning TTS corvette turned a 2:22.2 (on sticker Hoosier A6’s). Time to step up my game for next year.

Session 3: This session ended prematurely. Everything going well up until turn 5 on my 2nd lap, went for the brakes and they just didn’t feel the same. I was able to slow down still, but not at their best performance. Pulled into the pits, pulled the wheel off and found very little left of the brake pad. Good thing I had a new set (we should have installed before the event). Everything was all resting on the last session.

Session 4: Everything was feeling perfect, brakes never felt better, tires nice and warm, and I’m on my 2nd hot lap. I pushed the car deeper into the turns than I ever have. I come into turn 5 just touching 5th gear rev limiter, go to slam the brakes, and clack clack clack. I pit in at turn 5 to find my splitter half on. Session over for me. Maybe next year…….

All in all, great day! I had the best pit crew ever and could not have done it without them.

I also owe a big thanks to all my supporters. You guys know who you are. Stay posted for my big THANK YOU page.

Video from Session 2:

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