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As some of you may know, I (Eric) purchased this SVT Mustang Cobra.  The plan is to turn it into a full track car (NASA TT/time attack).  It’s going to be a slow process, as I don’t plan on having a track-record breaking car by spring time.  I could have easily purchased a track Mustang, already completely done, ready to race but I didn’t want to do that.  It would have saved a ton of money and time, I know.  I have never truly taken a car from stock form and transformed it into a track car that I have put all the blood sweat and tears into.  This might take a year, it might take 3 years, but I am excited to have a project car and watch it transform.  I look forward to continually making the car faster and improving lap times as the car progresses.

Details: 1999 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra
130K on the chassis
Stock motor rebuilt about 30K miles ago
Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch
Moroso Road Race oil pan
MGW shifter
Rest of the car is stock

Issues to address currently:
-Flywheel seems warped slightly as the car has a slight vibration, the clutch pedal shakes when out, and the throw out bearing is squealing slightly.
-Replace all the suspension bushings, especially the rear IRS stuff
-Replace 14 year old brake lines (safety)
-Figure out ABS light

Luckily I have a good resource in Clay (Venm) to ask questions, buy parts, and borrow items for test fitting, as he took the same road to the current state of his Black Cobra most of you have seen. Thanks Clay!

Stay tuned for more project updates over winter….

-Eric K.

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