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Autobahn Country Club with National Auto Sports Association, April 20-21 2013

What a weekend!

We arrived at Autobahn Friday afternoon.  It was cold, windy, rainy, and cold.  We unloaded the cars, went through tech, and setup camp.

Not as windy but still on the brisk side with temps in the low 40’s.  Andy decided to switch to TTU class as TT2 didn’t have enough entries to meet Hoosier contingencies, but still ran in full TT2 trim (400hp:3000lbs, 245 tires).   Everything went almost perfect the entire weekend except for  few small issues.  Andy’s new rotors on the Evo decided to not work and had to swap them out, and Shane took out his rear wheel bearing Saturday but had it fixed and ready for Sunday.  Eric’s car ran flawless all weekend.  I did see him jack up the car once to rotate tires.

Sunday- No car troubles at all.  Andy had to toss on the new Hoosier A6’s picking up almost a full second and passing up the viper taking another 1st place in TTU.  Shane and Eric both went quicker as well.  Final results will be posted soon.

Too many people to thank for this weekend.  We had a great group of people there and everyone helped everyone and everything went great!  Special thanks to Kurt @ Sign Pro, Paul of Holicek Motorsports, Noah of Amsoil, and so many other good friends for helping along the way.

Some video and pictures of the weekend:

Andy’s Evo in Car View of Saturday:

Andy’s Evo in Car View of Sunday:

Wing Point-of-view:

Eric and his Moostang:

Photos and more will be added shortly.

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