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Well, for those that have been following 365racing for a while now, you may recall BoostedFilm’s video from last year [Click HERE if you haven’t] where we went to Blackhawk Farms Raceway to break the overall standing start lap record.  Well 365 days later, we went on a voyage to beat that lap time and widen the gap.

We’ll start this short story on the Monday morning of the event.  Rain, cold, and rain, not exactly the recipe for a record breaking lap.  The radar didn’t look too good either, and I thought for sure it would be drizzling rain all day long.  But, we’re here and what else do we have to do?    First warm up session was at 8:30am.  With no wipers on the car, I made sure to put on lots of Rain-X (That stuff works).  BHF’s pavement is fairly old, so driving off the normal race line when wet is a must.  In fact driving here in the rain reminds me very much of winter time ice racing.  Coming back in from the first warm up session I thought for sure there was no chance in breaking any records.

2nd warm up session was the same as the first with a full wet track.  I put on the new BFGoodrich R1S tires to scrub them in.  Still sliding around a lot but the R1S’s did feel better after a few laps than the Hoosier’s.

1st Timed run- Within 10 minutes of the 2nd warm up session, the A-Race class was up for the first timed session.  Still a light rain, but with the tires still mildly warm I hustled to the starting line.  (For those that aren’t sure how this HSAX format works, its a standing start 1 full lap.)   At this point I was hoping for anything under a 1:20 lap.  With lots of sliding around, my Traqmate showed a 1:21.7 lap.  After the first session, the rain/drizzle slowed up and the track started to dry up a bit.

2nd Timed Run- With an hour lunch break and the rain holding up, the track dried up about 80%.  Over the lunch break, I took the car out on the track touring (open to anyone and any car but has a 60mph speed limit) to get a small amount of heat into the tires before going out on the 2nd timed lap.  With the track mostly dried up (at least the race line) I decided to give it my all as this could be my only chance at a dry run.  At the starting line, its important to have a good launch, not only to get you going, but also to get heat into the tires.  Using my launch control, I’m able to leave the starting line at nearly full boost and spin all 4 tires through 1st gear.  This gets a good amount of initial heat into the tires right off the bat.  The car still slides around for the first half of the track but that’s part of the game and that’s where my ice-racing experience really kicks in.  Without the muscle reflex that I’ve learned through ice racing, I’m pretty sure I would have spun the back end around several times.   Besides some sliding around, this run felt great, and would actually be my best run of the day.  There is still some time to be shaved off, and perhaps we’ll give it another go next year, but for now, I’m overly joyed with a 1:14.094.

Now for the most important part.  I owe a big THANK YOU to everyone that helped me along the way (directly and indirectly related to this event).  There is so much that happens behind the scenes, and without all the help there is no way I’d be able to do this.

Paul of Holicek Motorsports for supplying the rig and equipment and getting me to the track.  Some of you have seen his setup and its all business (well almost…).  Paul of BoostedFilms- if you watch the video below, you’ll know how lucky I am to have a friend like him.  Kurt of SignPro- He’s the responsible one for creating and applying the full wrap on the car.  Can’t thank him enough!  Amsoil by Noah- This isn’t a sales pitch, Amsoil Dominator Racing Oil is some good stuff, and is probably why my stock motor has took all the beating without a hiccup.  GrimmSpeed- while they don’t have the most products in the Mitsubishi market, what they do offer is nothing but the best.  If you’ve ever used their products you’ll know what I mean.   And last but certainly NOT least, my friends/family & Jamie- I owe it to you people the most!

Now, I present to you the Official BOOSTEDFILMS video:

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