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I was really hoping this blog entry was going to have the words “new track record,” (and I guess now it does) but unfortunately with racing, unexpected issues will inevitably arise.   Everything was looking good for this event, weather was perfect, car was running great with no big changes made since Blackhawk, it really seemed like it was going to be a perfect weekend.   Went out on the track touring session to give the car a quick shakedown.  All seemed to run just fine.

Went out on the first session, made 2 laps, and well, I’ll let the video finish the story:



We pulled the car back to our pits to survey the damage.  We found many parts burnt to a crisp and without having the spares on hand, we loaded the car up and headed back home.  The ride home is never a fun one when you leave the track like this.

Sunday- instead of being at the track racing, we decided to waste no time and yank the whole car apart.  We pulled the motor/trans all out, scrubbed away all the melted plastic/rubber,  and made a list of all replacement parts needed.  Monday morning was spent ordering parts.  The damages included, full engine wiring harness, power harness, trans harness, shifter cables, throttle cable, radiator hoses, timing belt and cover, fuel feed line, and all vacuum lines.

Now before I start complaining that this weekend was awful and really sucked, I have to say having some good, no, great people around really make this all worth it.  I cant thank them enough!  I really do love racing, but what I love even more is knowing I have great people behind me.



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