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Not sure if you recall the last time we went to Autobahn Country Club, but we ended up having a camp fire in the engine bay of the Evo.

New for this event, we registered as TEAM-365racing which allows 2-drivers/1-car.  It was time for Eric to get behind the wheel.  We strapped the big turbo on for this event in hopes of going faster than the small stock turbo.

We left Central Wisconsin late Friday afternoon which got us to ACC late Friday night.  Unloaded car, setup camp, BS’d around the camp fire (no not the engine bay of the evo), and went to bed before midnight.

The car was all ready to hit the track, no need for brake/tire changing or last minute modifications.  We come to the track with the car ready to run immediately.   I’ve never understood why some guys leave last minute jobs for at the track.  The first session is a warm-up/qualifying session.  It doesn’t count towards anything but sets you in the correct grid position.  This can be important as if you get too far back in grid, you will have more traffic to deal with thus effecting your lap time.  We were able to turn a 1:30.4 right away.  Not bad for the first session out.

After the warm up session, I notice some brake fluid leaking out of the bleeder.  Having someone put pressure on the brakes, I could see a small amount of fluid being pushed out of the bleeder.  Ok no big deal I’ll just snug the bleeder up.  5 rotations later confirmed the bleeder was stripped.  LOVELY.  After making the rounds to Eurosport, FallLine, and Team Stradale, we found no fix/replacement caliper.  I had some spare bleeders with me in other thread sizes, but none were a large enough to re-tap the bleeder hole.  We took a trip down to NAPA and picked up a Heli-coil kit and inserted a heli-coil to match the thread pitch of a spare bleeder I did have.  I sure hate doing repairs like this on such a vital component.  After having Eric hold the brakes in as HARD as he possible could for almost a minute, we all felt pretty confident in the fix.  We did miss the 2nd session but it could have been worse.

3rd session- Eric was up.  Taking it slightly easy on the brakes and getting used to the car, he managed a 1:34.3.  Not bad at all for the first time in the drivers seat of the Evo.  Our brake bleeder fix worked flawless.

4th Session- Andy’s turn.  This ended up being the fastest lap we put down throughout the weekend, 1:30.1

5th Session, Eric driving – 1:33.0.

Done for the day.  Time to relax, eat, and go over the car.  Ok no time to relax.  Found 3 of the 4 Hoosiers were corded.  These tires have only 15-20 laps at Gingerman and another 10 laps here at ACC.  Time to put the BFG’s back on (Which have seen twice as much track time as the Hoosiers, are still at 50%+ life, don’t overheat after 2 laps, and just feel much better in general).

Now for the interesting part.  We reviewed the data of the best lap time compared to the early spring Autobahn event where we ran the stock evo IX turbo.  Top speeds were almost identical down the straights.  the best lap time we got with the stock turbo was a 1:29.8.  The stock turbo makes 398hp/411tq (Dynojet) whereas the big turbo makes 476hp/404tq(MustangDyno).  Where the difference is, the stock turbo makes more usable power/torque.   Our conclusions is, the stock turbo is just as fast on this track as the 5857 turbo.  While the 5857 offers more top end power, it lacks it on the low end.  I’m sure some think this is obvious, but it amazed us that an additional 100hp wouldn’t compensate for the lack of low end.  (Anyone interested in a 5857BB turbo setup?)

Its cold and rain is in the forecast for the afternoon.  Andy’s up for the first timed session in the morning.  Everything appears to be going well,…almost:

That little spectacle DQ’d us for the first 2 timed sessions of the day.  Now we have the afternoon to put down our best lap time, and guess what….it rains.  in the 2nd session, Eric put down a 1:31.5.  <— Holy Ef!

I(Andy) take the 3rd session which is in heavy-ish (pooling water) rain.  With no rain tires, we went out anyways.  LOTS of sliding, and if you’ve ever driven Autobahn in the wet, you’ll know how slick the race line is.  You’ll notice when you touch the tires on the race line in the wet, its like ice.

4th session- rain has held up for about an hour and the track is half dry/half wet.  Eric puts down a killer time of 1:32.2 IN Traffic!

5th session- The rain held up and the track got even drier.  BUT literally within 1 minute of going on track, the sky opened and the rain poured!  Once this track gets a even a little wit, it turns to grease.  Lots of drifting and sliding.

Weekend Complete!  We learned a LOT this weekend, and had fun doing it.  Great times spent with friends and even met a few new ones.


Photo’s taken by: Noah K.

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