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Round 1 of USCA was held at Thunderhill in CA.  The only member of the RS Motors/365Racing crew to attend was Ronnie with his Evo.  Had he not broke an axle on the AutoX he more than likely would have won.  So, that leads us to Round 2 of USCA which took place at Texas Motor Speedway.

Months leading up to this event, the only one planning to attend this event was Dr Ranvek.  As most of use really started to get that spring time itch, several people jumped on board and signed up for this event.  We had 8 people from the Midwest signed up.

Thursday after work, we left.  Eric drove his S2k, Jesse trailered his freshly built GTR, and Andy also drove his S2k.  Quick stop in Madison to pickup Mr BoostedFilms and on we go.  Another 1100 miles to our destination.  (Quick stop at a Waffle House of course)

IMG_7615 (1280x1096)

IMG_7621 (1280x853)

Changed tires, went cruising around, picked up THE Churchill from the airport, then went and ate some Monkey Grease, or Grease Monkey’s or something like that.

Time for bed,….. wait, not yet.  Prep time-

IMG_7629 (1280x853)

Tech Inspection-

IMG_7643 (1280x853)

Then off to Speed-Stop followed by the Autocross with Design & Engineering judging somewhere in the mix.  I wont go over the entire event and results.  You can watch the video and see the full results linked below.

By 5pm, the 3 competitions finished and we were off for the Road Rally where we drove to a local indoor Karting facility.

IMG_7675 (1280x799)

After some intense karting and some delicious southern style food, we headed back to the track to load up a few things, take some pics, then back to the hotel.

IMG_7689 (1280x824)

IMG_7714 (1280x683) IMG_7741 (1280x787)

Sunday- Road Course.

Not a very big/long track but fun it was.  Enjoy some pics and videos:

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