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2015 and older blog posts-

Tech articles:
Evo Splitter Build – Part 1
Evo Splitter Build – Part 2
Evo Test Drive
Subaru WRX SCCA D-Stock Prep (Road Tire AWD, RTA)
Letting your motor breath (Crankcase Pressure)
Eric’s Mustang SVT Build Update#1 – The Intro
2013 Off-Season update on the 2006 Evolution IX
Autocross Timing Systems, Using Farmtek with AXWare.
BMW e30 CHUMPCAR Build Part 1
BMW e30 ChumpCar Build Update Part 2
BMW e30 ChumpCar Build Update Part 3
Building a rear diffuser for under $100 (for the track Evo)
Doing MORE with LESS.  RS Motors “4th Gear Eater” tune.
S2000 Preparation for USCA event in Las Vegas / SEMA
Evolution 8/9 4th Gear Fix
Evo and the right hand turn oil pressure drop problem. Finding a cure.
Eric’s 350Z V8 Swap Project-  Part1Part2Part3Part4 – Part5
Evo big Wang build.

Product Review:
BFG G-Force Rival Street Tires @ NOLA Motorports Park

Past (2015 and older) Road Racing & High-Speed-Auto-X:
HSAX Event #1 @ Blackhawk Farms Raceway
HSAX Event #2 @ Blackhawk Farms Raceway (Old Record Breaker)
Road America with NASA Midwest, Best lap of 2:25.066
Autobahn Country Club with NASA, Best lap of 1:29.812 (TT2 trim)
HSAX @ Blackhawk Farms Raceway, NEW track record 1:14.094
We’re on Fire at Autobahn Country Club!
Gingerman Raceway with NASA, 1:35.732, TT2 Trim
Autobahn Country Club South, Big Turbo = Slower than Stock Turbo
First Race!, ChumpCar Double-7 Race at Autobahn Country Club
The #GridLife Experience at Gingerman Raceway
Time Attacking the BlackHawkFarms Raceway with NASA.
ChumpCar Race #2 at Brainerd, Double-7.
Optima’s Search for the Ultimate Street Car – Michigan.  Knife in a gun fight.
ChumpCar Race #3 at Road America, Double-7.
Las Vegas Ultimate Street Car Invitational.
USCA 2015 Round  2 – Texas Motor Speedway
2015 One Lap of America with RS Motors. 3rd Place Overall, 1st in Class, and Rookie of the Year.
#GridLife @ Gingerman – Round 1 of the 2015 Time Attack Season
USCA at NCM, Back in the Street-ish Evo.

SCCA Auto-X:
SCCA Event #1 @ Miller Park – 2nd on Index, 1st in class
SCCA Event #2 @ Miller Park – 1/2 in class, 3/4 finsih overall
SCCA Event #3&4 CenDiv’s @ Miller Park
Pre-2012 SCCA Solo Nationals Update
2012 Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals Recap.  1st & 3rd Place finish!!!

What is Ice Rally?
Building Studded Tires [Gen-3]

Mr Crazy and his C5 Lapping Road America
How to prepare for an HPDE event (Must read for anyone participating in the MAP Proving Grounds at BIR)

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