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Good weekend for some racing.

Brandon Ranvek took his RS Motors Evo out to Colorado for an Optima Ultimate Street Car event and brought back an invite to the OUSCI in Las Vegas. Lots of development to come on this evo as it was the first shakedown after just being put together a week before the event.

Back at home a few of us helped put on a local autocross with Central Wisconsin Sports Car Club and got some seat time of our own.
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Gears and Gasoline presents Gridlife Episode 2, Record Rivals.
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Sorry, I've been data deprived without my TraqMate.

Where and how have we gone faster compared to last year's Gridlife event at Autobahn. Well lets look at some real data.

Black lines are last year.
Red is this year.

What has changed on the car?
Wisefab hubs/arms.
RS Motors built 2.2L
Honeywell Garrett GTX3076 Turbo
And about 100lbs less weight than last year. The rest has pretty much stayed the same except for some tweaks in alignment/shocks and such. Car is making a little over 500hp vs last years 470. (keep in mine its really about the area under the curve, not peak numbers). This new 2.2L engine allows me to rev to 8500 and has a nice thick power curve.

2 things determine lap time. AVG Speed and Distance. ONLY those 2 things matter.

Click on each pic for more details.
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Team 365 is all about getting behind the wheel and having FUN.

By day, we are just ordinary people, with day to day jobs working our asses off to pay for tires.

We also live in a very changing climate. Winters here leave layers of snow, lakes freeze over, and temps plunge into single digits. But, like the saying goes, when life throws ya lemons, make lemonade. So, we plow a race track on the frozen lakes, put holes in tires followed by bolts and go shred some ice.

Summer time we bring our race tires out from the basement, throw on the stiff suspension, and squeal around on tarmac.  From road course time attack events to SCCA solo autocross, we just love to DRIVE!


Interested in a unique marketing opportunity with 365Racing, be sure to contact us.  We offer much more than just another sticker on the car.  From assisted product development to social media exposure all while maintaining a professional appearance and delivering top level results, we have something for your business.

Contact 365racing:
Andy Smedegard
Phone: 715.305.1503

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