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Who else is going to PRI?

Always look forward to this event. Get to see all of our track buddies outside of the crazy track atmosphere and we learn a ton about new products and tools. If you are in any form of Motorsports, this is a must attend event.

See ya there!
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December 8, 2016, 4:00pm - December 10, 2016, 6:00pm

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The 365 way. Learning to drive in all conditions will help build you as a driver.

Event has limited entries. If you cant make it, no need to worry. Ice-Rally events take place all winter throughout all of Wisconsin by several clubs.
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Gridlife IceBattle Winter Auto-X

February 11, 2017, 8:00am - February 11, 2017, 11:00am

CWSCC X GRIDLIFE Present IceBattle. We will be headed to the north to the lakes of WI for the first ever IceBattle winter Auto-X This event will be limited to 50 drivers IceBattle follows a simple rule set divided by drivetrain and tire type. Drivers will get 4 heats throughout the day with roughly 4-6 timed runs per heat. Course layout may reverse mid day to prevent ice ruts on the course. IceBattle Classes: AWD - All-Season Tires AWD - Snow Tires AWD - Studded Tires FWD - All-Season Tires FWD - Snow Tires FWD - Studded Tires RWD - All-Season Tires RWD - Snow Tires RWD - Studded Tires Cost is $50 per driver For more details head to (Location and date subject to change based on Ice conditions)

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The season is getting closer.

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36 hour drive back to Wisconsin and we made it. Feels good to be home.

Super Lap Battle 2016 is done!

Thanks to RS West for the hospitality while we were there. Anyone in the California area make sure to hook up with this guy for all your Go-Fast Needs!

We have some big things planned for 2017. Cant wait!

RS Motors Stance USA - Stance Suspension Maxxis Tires Whiteline Race Ramps Gridlife MaxxHaul QuickTrick Alignment Tools - ALSS Motovicity Distribution Boosted Films
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Team 365 is all about getting behind the wheel and having FUN.

By day, we are just ordinary people, with day to day jobs working our asses off to pay for tires.

We also live in a very changing climate. Winters here leave layers of snow, lakes freeze over, and temps plunge into single digits. But, like the saying goes, when life throws ya lemons, make lemonade. So, we plow a race track on the frozen lakes, put holes in tires followed by bolts and go shred some ice.

Summer time we bring our race tires out from the basement, throw on the stiff suspension, and squeal around on tarmac.  From road course time attack events to SCCA solo autocross, we just love to DRIVE!


Interested in a unique marketing opportunity with 365Racing, be sure to contact us.  We offer much more than just another sticker on the car.  From assisted product development to social media exposure all while maintaining a professional appearance and delivering top level results, we have something for your business.

Contact 365racing:
Andy Smedegard
Phone: 715.305.1503

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