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Lets rewind a few weeks back to Gridlife Road Atlanta.

Boosted Films follows Brandon Ranvek on one of his best laps of the weekend.

Look how smooth the car is over the curbing, no bounce. All credit there goes to Stance USA - Stance Suspension.

RS Motors Maxxis Tires Race Ramps MaxxHaul QuickTrick Alignment Tools - ALSS Whiteline Akalika Creative Motovicity Distribution
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Best Standing Start Lap from MAP #PG2k16 Part2 at BIR.

Still some room for driving improvements. Turn 2 could be taken faster yet, still getting use to the help of aero in the high speed turns.

The Evo ran all weekend trouble free again. Cant thank RS Motors enough for building one hell of an engine.

Couldnt be done without the help of many!
Stance USA - Stance Suspension QuickTrick Alignment Tools - ALSS Gridlife Maxxis Tires MaxxHaul Boosted Films Whiteline Motovicity Distribution Race Ramps Akalika Creative
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The Honda S2000. Another car turning lap after lap without a fuss.

Eric turned a best lap of 1:46.2 in near near stock trim (Intake and front swaybar) on Maxxis Tires VR1's.

Some in-car video:

Photo by Afterburner
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The RS#001 being rebuilt. Follow along on the One Lap RS Page. ... See MoreSee Less

The RS visited COTA earlier this month. Been trying to recover since. Came in the corner with fluid on the race line and immediately went on a 4 wheel slide. Another competitor ended up facing the on coming traffic at the corner exit and the RS had nowhere to go. 4 wheel slide straight into the guard rail.

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Team 365 is all about getting behind the wheel and having FUN.

By day, we are just ordinary people, with day to day jobs working our asses off to pay for tires.

We also live in a very changing climate. Winters here leave layers of snow, lakes freeze over, and temps plunge into single digits. But, like the saying goes, when life throws ya lemons, make lemonade. So, we plow a race track on the frozen lakes, put holes in tires followed by bolts and go shred some ice.

Summer time we bring our race tires out from the basement, throw on the stiff suspension, and squeal around on tarmac.  From road course time attack events to SCCA solo autocross, we just love to DRIVE!


Interested in a unique marketing opportunity with 365Racing, be sure to contact us.  We offer much more than just another sticker on the car.  From assisted product development to social media exposure all while maintaining a professional appearance and delivering top level results, we have something for your business.

Contact 365racing:
Andy Smedegard
Phone: 715.305.1503

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